Sammy Flash ft. Razmik Amyan – “Chuni Ashkhare Qez Nman” (REMIX)

Dj Flash’s signature style of music has captured the hearts of many dance music enthusiasts. In an industry flooded with music that sounds the same, he brought out Deep House remix of “Chuni Ashkhare Qez Nman” by Razmik Amyan who received “Best Song Of The Year” award at Pan-Armenian Entertainment Awards. Do we have your attention yet? This is definitely worth paying attention to!

Dj Sammy Flash REMIX
Produced by Dj Flash
Booking contact in Los Angeles 1818.390.3736……

Original Production Published on Nov 7, 2015…
Razmik Amyan – Chuni ashkharhe qez nman
Music & lyrics: Razmik Amyan
Arrangement: DUETRO
Director: Karen Amyan
Producer: Armin Movsisyan (AM Production)
Editing: M2 Production
Casting: Individuum

Размик Амян – Чуни ашхаре кез нман
Ռազմիկ Ամյան – Չունի աշխարհը քեզ նման remix

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