Summer is officially here ladies and gentlemen!

Ok, not officially, like on a calendar or anything. But the summer anthems are rolling in! And what better artist to provide a bright and cheery tune to put you in that summertime spirit than Sammy Flash? That’s right, our beloved DJ has teamed up with Martin Mkrtchyan & Hripsime Hakobyan to bring us a delightfully warm Deep House remix, ‘Happy Birthday’.
Finding the inspiration and the right groove is an occasional struggle for every artist. But Dj Flash didn’t have to go far to find the muse. The perfect cherry on top is his playful deep groovy beat which makes the song an undeniably “feel good” jam. Enjoy the remix.

Dj Sammy Flash Remix
Official booking contact 1818.390.3736……

The original song was Published on Dec 4, 2016
Martin Mkrtchyan & Hripsime Hakobyan – Happy Birthday
Music: Richard Madlenyan
Lyrics: Grigor Kyokchyan
Director: Jor Meloyan
Arrangment, Mix & Master: Martin Mirzoyan… Original content.

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