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“The Great Gatsby” unofficial video


Music and lyrics – Van Yeghiazaryan
Lyrics: Daisy

You’re the rising sun
That gives them light and heat
I’m a falling star
I hear a thousand dreams

Do you make a wish
When I’m falling down
Or do you reach your hands
To catch and hold me tight

Now you’re leavin’ baby
But I’m not ready
You trusted a daisy
Are you crazy ?
Now you’re leavin’ baby
Dreams are hazy
Tears are pretty
Smiles are dirty

You are going straight to hell
Girl I know that road so well
More then once I have been there

You are going straight to hell
You locked up our dreams in jail
Leaves of promises just fell

Now you left me baby
Streets are empty
No birds in the alley
Days are rainy
Now you left me baby
Will you miss me
You trusted a daisy
You were crazy

With one turn of a wheel
Many suns have gone
With every black dried tear
Brand new stars were born

You’ve shown your red warm gun
They will always run
They’ll escape from you
They will find somebody new

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